Social Science Computer Review

Table of Contents

Volume 22(2)

Summer 2004

Symposium on Sociology and Computing


Sociology and Computing: Introduction to This Special Issue / Edward Brent

Gender, Educational and Occupational Digital Gaps: 1983 - 2002 / Susan Carol Losh

Computers and Qualitative Research: Adoption, Use, and Representation / Wilma C. Mangabeira, Raymond M. Lee, and Nigel G. Fielding

The Wow Factor: Preconceptions and Expectations for Data Analysis Software in Qualitative Research / Katie MacMillan and Thomas Koenig

Teaching Qualitative Data Analysis to Graduate Students / Grant Blank

Focused Online Discussions, Moments of Difficulty, and Student Understanding / Caroline Hodges Persell

Classifying and Coding Online Actions / Eszter Hargittai

Using the Online Medium for Discursive Research about People with Disabilities / Natilene Bowker and Keith Tuffin

Consumers of e-Health: Patterns of Use and Barriers / James G. Anderson

Adding Machines and Logarithms: Franklin H. Giddings and Computation for the Exact Science of Sociology / David D. McFarland

Non-Symposium Articles


Digital Citizenship: Parameters of the Digital Divide / Mack Shelley, Lisa Thrane, Stuart Shulman, Evette Lang, Sally Beiser, Teresa Larson, and James Mutti

Impacts of the Use of E-Mail and the Internet on Personal Trip-Making Behavior / Bruce E. Tonn and Angela Hemrick


Book Reviews


Information and American Democracy: Technology in the Evolution of Power, by Bruce Bimber / Reviewed by Anida G. Wishnietsky

Reload: Rethinking Women and Cyberculture, by Mary Flanagan and Austin Booth, eds. / Reviewed by Pramod K. Nayar