Social Science Computer Review

Volume 21, No.4

Winter, 2003

Symposium Essays on Jane Fountain’s Building the Virtual State

Symposium on the theory of technology enactment in Jane Fountain's ‘Building the Virtual State’: An Introduction / G. David Garson

“Shadow Theories” in Fountain’s theory of technology enactment / Carl Grafton

Building the Virtual State...or Not? A Critical Appraisal / Donald F. Norris

Technological teleology and the theory of technology enactment: The case of the International Trade Data System / G. David Garson

            Neo-institutionalism and e-government: Beyond Jane Fountain / Kaifeng Yang

Bringing e-democracy back in: Why it matters for future research on e-governance / Andrew Chadwick

The need for government-wide information capacity / Patrick R. Mullen

Non-Symposium articles:

Gendered bodies, gendered knowledges: Information technology in everyday farming / Lia Bryant

The digital divide in Canadian schools: Factors affecting student access to and use of Information Technology / E. Dianne Looker and V. Thiessen

Reports and Communications

e-Democracy: A critical evaluation of the ultimate e-dream / Jarl K. Kampen and Kris Snijkers

Analyzing information technology investments in state government / William C. Rivenbark, Kevin M. Fitzgerald, and Shannon H. Schelin

An experimental comparison of computer-mediated and face-to-face focus groups / Christina Underhill and Murrey Olmsted

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Book Reviews

Transforming technology, by Andrew Feenberg / Reviewed by John W. Murphy

Cyberculture: Electronic mediation, volume 4, by Pierre Levy / Reviewed by Johnnie D. Spraggins

Social consequences of Internet use: Access, involvement, and interaction, by James E. Katz and Ronald E. Rice / Reviewed by George P. Mason

What’s the matter with the Internet?, by Mark Poster / Reviewed by John W. Murphy

From airline reservations to Sonic the Hedghog: A history of the software industry, by Martin Campbell-Kelly / Reviewed by Eugene J. Akers