Social Science Computer Review

Volume 21, No.3

Fall, 2003


Massive questionnaires for personality capture / William Sims Bainbridge

"Feeling the Beat": Intelligent Coding Advice from Meta‑Knowledge in Qualitative Research / Edward Brent and Pawel Slusarz

Around the World Wide Web in 80 Ways: How Motives for Going Online Are Linked to Internet Activities Among Politically Interested Internet Users / Thomas J. Johnson and Barbara K. Kaye

Ethics-Related Technology Policies in Schools / Brian J. Dill and Ronald E. Anderson

Exploiting Hyperlinks to Study Academic Web Use / David Wilkinson, Mike Thelwall, and Xuemei Li

Reports and Communications

Broadening Public Access to Data Through the Development of Tools for Data Novices / Josefina J. Card, Lauren Shapiro, Angela Amarillas, Elizabeth McKean, and Tamara Kuhn

Explaining Response Latencies and Changing Answers Using Client Side Paradata from a Web Survey / Dirk Heerwegh

Internet Recruiting: The Effects of Web Page Design Features / Phillip W. Braddy, Lori Foster Thompson, Karl L. Wuensch, and William F. Grossnickle

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Book Reviews

            Hacker Culture, by Douglas Thomas / Reviewed by Pramad Nayar

Technology and Resistance: Digitl Communication and New Coalitions Around the World, edited by Ann De Vaney, Stephen Gance, and Yan Ma / Reviewed by Thomas E. Rotnem

Crime and the Internet, edited by David S. Wall / Reviewed by James L. Williams

Internet Ethics, edited by Duncan Langford / Reviewed by John W. Murphy