Social Science Computer Review

Volume 20, No. 4

Winter, 2002

Special Issue on Computer-based Methods: State of the Art

Introduction / Desmond Saunders-Newton

Making Computational Social Science Effective:  Epistemology, Methodology, and Technology / Steven Bankes, Rob Lempert, and Steven Popper

On The Transition to Agent-Based Modeling: Implementation Strategies from Variables to Agents / László Gulyás

Old Wine In A New Wine‑Skin:  College Choice, College Access Using Agent‑Based Modeling / By Leslie Henrickson,

Confronting Surprise / Robert Lempert, Steven Popper, and Steve Bankes

The social quantum model of dissonance: From social organization to cultural evolution / W. F.  Lawless, Paine College, and M. Schwartz          


Non-Symposium Articles

Creating Choosers: Information, the Digital Divide, and the Propensity to Change Schools / Mark Schneider and Jack Buckley

An evaluation of the effect of response formats on data quality in Web surveys / Dirk Heerwegh and Geert Loosveldt

Citizen Perceptions of Community Policing: Comparing Internet and Mail

Survey Responses / Chet Ballard and Rudy Prine  

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Software Review

CHIPendale with PATHfinder / G. David Garson

Book Reviews

            The Internet Edge: Social, Technical, and Legal Challenges for a Networked World, by Mark Stefik / Reviewed by Mary E. Virnoche