Social Science Computer Review

Volume 19, No. 4

Winter, 2001


Understanding Internet Usage: A Social Cognitive Approach to Uses and Gratification / Robert LaRose, Dana Mastro, and Matthew S. Eastin

Affective Dimensions of Internet Culture / Adam B. King

Cyber-slacking and the Procrastination Super Highway: A Web-Based Survey of On-Line Procrastination, Attitudes and Emotion / Jennifer A. A. Lavoie and Timothy A. Pychyl

Going Beyond the Code: The Production of Hypermedia / Bruce Mason and Bella Dicks


Reports and Communications

A Digital Library for the Dissemination and Replication of Quantitative Social Science Research: The Virtual Data Center / Micah Altman, L. Andreev, M. Diggory, G. King, A. sone, S. Verba, Daniel L. Kiskis, and M. Krot

Crime Mapping and Its Extension to Social Science Analysis / Irvin B. Vann and G. David Garson

Excel as a Teaching Platform for Managerial Economics / Stephen Erfle


News and Notes / G. David Garson


Book Reviews

Intellectual Property in the Information Age: The Politics of Expanding Ownership Rights, by Debora J. Halbert / reviewed by Stephen Adair