Social Science Computer Review

Volume 19, No. 3

Fall, 2001


 Special Issue on the Simulation of Social Agents

The Simulation of Social Agents: An Introduction / David L. Sallach and Charles N. Macal

                Dynamics of Status Symbols and Social Complexity / Roberto Pedone and Rosario Conte

Studying Performance and Learning with ABIR: The Effects of Knowledge, Mobilizing Agents, and Predictability / A. Maurits van der Veen, Ian S. Lustick, and Dan Miodownik

Toward a Socio-generic Solution: Examining Langauge Formation Processes through Swarm Modeling / Teresa Satterfield

Simulation of the Learning of Norms / Harko Verhagen

Towards Strength and Stability: Agent-Based Modeling of Infrastructure Markets / Michael J. North


The Impacts of Emoticons on Message Interpretation in Computer-Mediated Communication / Joseph B. Walther and Kyle P. D’Addario


Reports and Communications

The Acquisition of Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems: Administrative and Political Considerations / Dale Nesbary

Resources for Computerized Crime Mapping / G. David Garson and Irvin Vann

Creativity-Aiding Software / Stuart Nagel


News and Notes / G. David Garson


Software Reviews

Latent Gold / reviewed by G. David Garson

Metanoia: A Fundamental Transformation of the Mind / reviewed by Pam Gauvreau


Book Reviews

Two Reviews of Science, Technology, and Democracy, by Daniel Lee Kleinman, ed. / reviewed by John W. Murphy and Carl Grafton

Mapping Cyberspace: Social Research on the Electronic Frontier, by Joseph Behar, ed. / reviewed by Carl Grafton

Human Services Technology: Understanding, Designing, and Implementing Computer and Internet Applications in the Social Sciences, Second Edition, by Dick Schoech / reviewed by G. David Garson

VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with Microsoft Excel, by S. Christian Albright / reviewed by Carl Grafton