Social Science Computer Review

Volume 19, No. 2

Summer, 2001


An Assessment of the Generalizability of Internet Surveys / Samuel J. Best, Brian Krueger, and Clark Hubbard

Web Surveys: Perceptions of Burden / Scott Crawford, Mick P. Couper, and Mark Lamias

The Social Science Dream Machine: Resource Recovery, Analysis, and Delivery on the Web / Jostein Ryessevik and Simon Musgrave

An Introduction to Computerized Experience-Sampling in Psychology / Lisa Feldman Barrett and Daniel J. Barrett

A Framework for Developing Spreadsheet Applications in Economics / Miles B. Cahill and George Kosicki

Community Networks or Networked Communities / Bruce E. Tonn, Persides Zambrano, and Sheila Moore


Reports and Communications

The CodeRead System: Using Natural Language Processing to Automate Coding of Qualitative Data / Andrew J. Perrin

An Experimental Evaluation of Web-based Tutorial Quizzes in Political Science / Gary Klass and Lane Crowthers

Simulating Pearsonís and Spearmanís Correlation in Q-Sorts Using Excel: A Simulation Proof of a Widely-Believed Result / K. Scott Alberts and Bruce Ankenman


News and Notes / G. David Garson


Software Reviews

DPL 4.0 Professional Decision Analysis Software / reviewed by Carl Grafton


Book Reviews

Women@Internet: Creating New Cultures in Cyberspace, by Wendy Harcourt, ed. / reviewed by Marnie Enos Carroll

Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape, by Philip E. Agre and Marc Rotenberg, eds. / reviewed by Arthur Jipson