Social Science Computer Review                                                

Volume 19, No. 1

Spring, 2001


 Special Issue on CSS 2000: The Digital Imperative of Social Sciences in the New Millenium

                Introduction / Patricia Fletcher and Jeffrey Roy

The Technological Transformation of Leisure / Jo Bryce

                Analysis of Internet Users’ Level of Online Privacy Concerns / Dara O’Neil

                Trust through Evaluation and Certification? / Daniel Osterwalder

“But the Computer Said!”: Credible Uses of Computational Modeling in Public Sector

      Decision-making / Desmond Saunders-Newton and Harold Scott

Modeling the Impact of Federal Taxes, Subsidies, and Grants on Family Resources /

      Mason Burley

                E-Governance and Smart Communities: A Social Learning Challenge / Amanda Coe

     Gilles Paquet, and Jeffrey Roy


Reports and Communications

Issues in Computer dissemination of Undergraduate Research: The National

      Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse / Brian C. Cronk

A Report from the Internet2 “Sociotechnical Summit” / Allen W. Batteau


News and Notes / G. David Garson


Software Reviews

Criminology: An Introduction Using Exploreit / reviewed by William F. Bengston


Book Reviews

Evaluation and Implementation of Distance Learning: Technologies, Tools, and Techniques, by France Belanger and Dianne H. Jordan / reviewed by Dan Henderson

Distance Learning Technologies: Issues, Trends, and Opportunities, by Linda Lau / Reviewed by Mona Ternus and Debbie Faulk

Instructional and Cognitive Impacts of Web-based Education, by Beverly Abbey / reviewed by Cecilia G. Manrique

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, by Lawrence Lessig / reviewed by Dee Southard

Social Dimensions of Information Technology: Issues for the New Millenium, edited by G. David Garson / reviewed by Carl Grafton