Social Science Computer Review

Volume 18, No. 4

Winter, 2000


Special Issue on Survey and Statistical Computing in the New Millenium

                Introduction / Randy Banks

From PAPI to CAPI: The Case of the British Household Panel Survey / Randy Banks and Heather Laurie

                Usability of computer Assisted Survey Instruments / Mick P. Couper

What Users Want form a Tool for Analyzing and Documenting Electronic Questionnaires: The User Requirements for the TADEQ Project / Maureen Kelly

Triple-s XML: A Standard within a Standard / Keith Hughes, Stephen Jenkins, and Geoff Wright

Data Warehousing and Decision Support at the National Agricultural Statistics Service / Mickey Yost

Data Mining: New Challenges for Statisticians / David J. Hand

Bridging the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide: The Lexical Approach to Textual Data Analysis / Richard Bolden and Jean Moscarola

Privacy Advocacy Groups vs. Intel: A Case Study of How Social Movements are Tactically Using the Internet to Fight Corporations / Sagi Leizerov

Reports and Communications

The Current Situation and Prospect of Chinese Information Resources on the Web / Yanli Qi

Mass Media Use and Social Life among Internet Users / John P. Robinson, Meyer Kestnbaum, Alan Neustadtl, and Anthony Alvarez

Internet by Proxy: How Rural Physicians Use the Internet / Kimberly D. Harris and James D. Campbell

An Experimental Evaluation of Web-based Tutorial Quizzes / Gary Klass and Lane Crowthers

News and Notes / G. David Garson