Social Science Computer Review
Volume 18, No. 3
Fall, 2000

Special Issue on Content Analysis and Qualitative Software

Introduction / G. David Garson

Teaching Computers to Watch Television: Content-Based Image Retrieval for Content Analysis / William Evans

Automated Content Analysis of Multiple-Choice Test Item Banks / John M. Ford, Thomas A. Stetz, Marilyn M. Bott, and Brian S. O'Leary

Content Analysis of the World Wide Web: Opportunities and Challenges / Christopher Weare and Wan-Ying Lin

Authenticity and Prevalence of Third Camps in the Abortion Debate: A Web Content Analysis / Rowen R. Platt

A Proposed Methodology for Studying the Function and Effectiveness of Party and Candidate Web-sites / Rachel Gibson and Stephen Ward

Reports and Communications

Testing Hypotheses on Qualitative Data: The Use of HyperRESEARCH Computer-Assisted Software / Sharlene Hess-Biber

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Software Reviews

Code-A-Text / reviewed by William F. Tooley

Decision Explorer / reviewed by Gene Diaz, Lesley College

The Ethnograph / reviewed by Robert J. Wazienski

SphinxSurvey / reviewed by Anne Permaloff

WinMAX / reviewed by Paul Craven

WordStat / reviewed by William Evans

Book Review

Survey Research and the World Wide Web, by Dale S. Nesbary / reviewed by Cecilia G. Manrique