Social Science Computer Review Vol. 17, No. 2 Spring, 1999

Special Issue: Computers and the Social Sciences CSS '98

Introduction to CSS '98: Technology in the Classroom / Manfred Kuechler
Using the Web in the Classroom / Manfred Kuechler
Computers in the Undergraduate Classroom: Lessons from the First 2,000 Students / Edward Brent
Changing Roles in Information Dissemination and Education: Expectations for Academic Library Web-based Services/ Brian Kroeker
Guidelines for Faculty and Technical Support Staff in the Implementation of Technical Innovations in the Classroom / Paula Lackie
Teaching Strategy and Assignment Design: Assessing the Quality and Validity of Information via the Web / Jean Shackelford, Dot S. Thompson, and Mary Beth James

Reports and Communications

The Personal Computer, Culture, and Other Uses of Free Time / John P. Robinson

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Software Reviews

Discovering Sociology: An Introduction Using ExplorIt / Robert J. Wazienski

Book Reviews

Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption, by Whitfield Diffie and Susan Landau / Reviewed by Amy L. Fletcher
Class Warfare in the Information Age, by Michael Perelman / Reviewed by Jan Lundquist
Education/Technology/Power, by Hank Bromley and Michael W. Apple, eds. / Reviewed by Carl Grafton
QASS ANOVA Monographs: A Computer-Focused Review / G. David Garson