Social Science Computer Review
Vol. 17, No. 1
Spring, 1999

Symposium on GIS and Redisticting
GIS and Redistricting: Emergent Technologies, Social Geography, and Political Sensibilities / Munroe Eagles, Richard S. Katz, and David Mark
The U. S. Census, Redistricting, and Technology: A Thirty-Year Perspective / Marshall L. Turner and Robert A. LaMacchia
On the Possibility of Democracy in a Geocoded World / Michael R. Curry
The Effects of Spatial Population Distributions and Political Districting on Minority Representation / Peter A. Rogerson and Zongxiang Yang

Other Special GIS Coverage

The Use of Spectral Mixture Analysis to Study Human Incentives, Actions, and Environmental Outcomes / Charles M. Schweik and Glen Green
Analyzing Hazardous Waste Facility Location by Racial Composition of Census Tract with LandView III" A Brief Tutorial / G. David Garson
Examining the Discourse about the Transfer of GIS Technology to Traditionally Non-Western Societies / Peter A. Kwaku Kyem

Symposium on Equality and Inequality in Information Societies, Part II
Introduction / Mark A. Shields
The Information Age: Apartheid, Cultural Imperialism, or Global Village? / R. Alan Hedley
Africa's Right to Information: A Review of Past Developments and Future Prospects / Roger Pfister
Information Networking as an Instrument of Sustainable Development: Connectivity, Content, and (Co-) Capacity Building / Karina Funk

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Software Reviews
Review of Two Spatial Statistics Packages: SpaceStat and S+SpatialStats / Staff

Book Reviews
QASS Factor Analysis Monographs: A Computer-Focused Review, by G. David Garson
Human Values and the Design of Computer Technology, by Batya Friedman, ed. / Reviewed by Deborah May Flick
Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape, by Philip E. Agre and Marc Rotenberg, eds. / Reviewed by Lloyd Klein