Social Science Computer Review
Vol. 16, No. 3
Fall, 1998

Special Issue: ISTAS '97: Computers and Society at a Time of Sweeping Change
Virtual Communities and Social Capital / Anita Blanchard and Tom Horan

News and Notes / G. David Garson

Software Reviews
Methodologists' Toolchest / Thomas J. Sullivan
ActivStats / G. David Garson
Intervista WorldChart / Reviewed by staff
Painter 5 / Erik Norvelle and Edwin Carpenter

Book Reviews
The Governance of Cyberspace: Politics, Technology, and Global Restructuring, by Brian
D. Loader, ed. (reviewed by Cecilia G. Manrique)
High Noon on the Electronic Frontier, by Peter Ludlow (reviewed by James R. Simmons)
Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology, by Ralph
Schroeder (reviewed by Myron Orleans)
Computer: A History of the Information Machine, by Martin Campbell (Reviewed by
Tulio E. Ortiz)
QASS Log Linear Monographs: A Computer-Focused Review, by G. David Garson