Dr Eric DeWayne Tucker


Picture of Dr Eric DeWayne Tucker


Dr. Eric Tucker is an adjunct professor in the North Carolina State University School of Social Work with almost two decades of clinical and macro social work experience. Prior to joining the Wolfpack, Dr. Tucker worked in community mental health; in private practice with children and families; led a nationally-recognized young offender reentry program in Boston, MA; and most recently helped establish integrated behavioral health in several primary care practices in North Carolina. In 2018, Dr. Tucker completed his doctoral dissertation on the relationships among perceived stress, burnout, and physical activity in social workers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which validated the role of a comprehensive holistic approach to addressing burnout in the field of social work.

Dr. Tucker is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has a deep commitment to equity and inclusion, and to educating the next generation of social workers through a pedagogy focused on social justice, transformative learning, critical thinking, and experiential skill-building. He is a student-centered instructor who believes both will and skill is necessary for principled competent action, grounded in emotional intelligence, moral stamina, and compassion. Dr. Tucker primarily teaches macro social work courses – including policy practice, administration & leadership, program evaluation, and Capstone.

In addition to teaching, he enjoys running, musicianship, writing & research, and spending time with his beautiful son, Miles.


  • EdD in Kinesiology from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2018
  • MSW in Social Work from Louisiana State University, 2003
  • BSW in Social Work from Southeastern Louisiana University, 2001