Dr Douglas M. Walls

Associate Professor and Assistant Professor

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Selected Works

Editing (refereed)

Walls, D. M., & Vie, S. (Eds.). (2017). Social Writing/Social Media: Publics, Presentations, and Pedagogies. Perspectives on Writing. Fort Collins, CO: WAC Clearinghouse - Colorado State University Press.

Vie, S. & Walls, D. M. (Eds.). (2015). Because Facebook: Digital rhetoric/social media. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 19(3).


Walls, D. M., Dieterle, B., & Miller, J. (2018). Designing for social change: User-centered design and difference Feminism. In K. L. Blair & L. Nickoson (Eds.), Composing feminist interventions: activism, engagement, praxis (pp. 391–408). Fort Collins, CO: The WAC Clearinghouse - Colorado State University. Retrieved from https://wac.colostate.edu/docs/books/feminist/chapter20.pdf

Walls, D. M. (2017). The Professional Work of “Unprofessional” Tweets: Microblogging Career Situations in African American Hush Harbors. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 31(4), 391–416. https://doi.org/10.1177/1050651917713195

Walls, D. M., Garcia, D. M., & VanSchaik, Amy. (2017). Designing Digital Activism: Rhetorical Tool as Agent of Social Change. In L. Potts & M. J. Salvo (Eds.), Rhetoric and Experience Architecture (pp. 291–303). Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.

Walls, D. M. (2016). User Experience in Social Justice Contexts. In Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication (pp. 9:1–9:6). New York, NY, USA: ACM. https://doi.org/10.1145/2987592.2987604

Walls, D. M. (2015). Access(ing) the coordination of writing networks. Computers and Composition, 38, Part A, 68–78. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compcom.2015.09.004


Director, Internship Program


  • PhD in Rhetoric & Writing from Michigan State University, 2011
  • MA in English from University of Nevada, 2006
  • MA in Communication from University of Nevada, 2002
  • BA in Theatre & Communication from University of Nevada, 1999