FLEAT 2005 - Improving Oral/Aural Skills From a Distance
NC State University
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Improving Oral/Aural Skills from a Distance

Session #39 - B142

Scott Despain


Distance Education courses, while certainly meeting the time and scheduling needs of the intended audience, may often allow students to easily avoid developing their listening comprehension and speaking proficiency. What strategies can we incorporate into our distance course to encourage listening and speaking skill development? This presentation will demonstrate “best practices” for course management and curriculum design changes, and assessment strategies to encourage students to listen to and produce in the L2, and will treat both the technical and the practical.

Presenter Bio

Scott Despain is Associate Professor of Spanish at NC State University, and Executive Director of the Foreign Languages Technology Center. He has taught streaming video-based Spanish courses since 1999. His scholarly activities include courseware development, distance education, and technology assisted language learning research.