Laptop / Projector Setup
(8 easy steps to an effective, multimedia class/conference session)

Watch the video! Watch the Laptop / Projector Demo

1. Prepare your class in your office with all of the multimedia resources that you would like to use.
2. Reserve and then pickup the project/laptop from Debora.
3. Unload the projector, laptop and cables.
4. Connect the video cable to the video cable ports of each component.
5. If necessary, connect the audio cable from the laptop (use the headphone port) to the audio port of the projector.
6. Connect both to power outlets and turn them on.
7. If the computer does not automatically sense the projector, there will be a FUNCTION KEY combination that you will need to push in order to send the image to the projector and not to the laptop's monitor.
8. Put everything away as it should be for the next user.

Note: To use the projector with a VCR, simply connect the red/yellow/white cable from the "out" jacks of the VCR to the projector according to the color of each cable (yellow-video; white-left audio; red-right audio).