Question: How do I make an email distribution list?

To make an email distribution list available around the world:

  • Start  Netscape Composer (START and PROGRAMS and NETSCAPE and COMPOSER) or click on the Composer icon in the lower right-hand corner of this Window.
  • Give your page a title and adjust the background and link pages as desired (FORMAT, PAGE COLORS AND PROPERTIES) and then close the dialog window.
  • Type your page title at the top of the page and center it using the alignment icon. Change the text color, font size and font of your title. It should look something like this:
My World-wide Email List
  • Click on the H. LINE icon to insert a horizontal line to separate your title from the rest of the page, like this:
My World-wide Email List
  • Click on the TABLE icon to create a table with the following settings:




  • Your table should look something like this:
. .
  • Type the word "DESCRIPTION", centered in the first cell, and "LINK", centered in the second cell.
  • Press the TAB key to create the next line
  • In the newly created third cell enter a two- or three-word description of the distribution list you want to create
  • In the fourth cell type the word "Email"
  • Select/Highlight the word "Email" by double-clicking on it
  • Right click on the highlighted word "Email" and choose "Create link using Selected..."
  • In the link space type "Mailto:" and then enter the email addresses of all the members of the list. Separate each email with a comma and a space.   (,,
  • Your table should look something like this:

    All my accounts
  • Save your page (FILE and SAVE AS ...) with a name such as "email.htm"
  • If you have a web site available publish it to that site
  • Or carry the diskette wherever you go
  • To send email to the group, browse to (or open) this page and click on the "Email" link

To make an email distribution list using your Email program:

  • Start your email program
  • Choose HELP and HELP INDEX/HELP CONTENTS, then look for help for DISTRIBUTION LISTS, ADDRESS BOOKS, etc. to find the instructions particular to your email program

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