Question: What are some of the resources available when considering putting a course online?


  • Your course materials are normally stored in a Wolfware Locker. See Wolfware Help.
    • The web server is an Apache web server (I think)
    • Realmedia files can be streamed from Wolfware web space.
    • Both Laundry 216 and HA302 are usually configured to provide for the recording of class sessions. I don't know if the computers (Windows-based) have firewire ports for video cameras but they should both take s-video feeds. (Tom Zelickman would be able to answer those types of specific questions.)
    • You should be able to store relational databases in the Wolfware web space in order to allow students to access their grades. Click on the Grades/Notas links on one of my courses to see an easy solution using a text file generated by my Gradebook program, and 4-digit pins I assign to the students using an algorythm based on their student ID.


  • Webassign might be a helpful tool in your course design.


(A comparison of the three online tools at NC State can be found here)


  • DELTA is very interested in including Internet-based courses in their program. If you have comments or questions, contact the Distance Education office:
  • Consider restricting enrollment in your course so that students will need to contact you before they can enroll in the course. This will prevent students from accidently (or intentionally) enrolling without knowing what they are getting into. Debora can restrict the course for you.
  • Consider some type of informational page that will explain the exact day-to-day operations of the class and will describe the necessary computing competencies and computer requirements

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