Question: What are the conferencing resources available on campus?

Q - "I would like to set up a sort of 'chat room' in which my students can discuss what they have read with each other on their own time.  I do not want it to be a set time but rather one student can make a statement or I can propose a topic for discussion, then they can log on, read what others have said and respond in English or the target language. Is this possible?  How would I go about getting it set up if I should decide to do it?"

There are many options, including:
  • NetForum
  • Chat Rooms
  • NetMeeting

A - Go to this page: 


From time to time we as a department, or language sections, discuss items in our various meetings that cannot possibly be resolved and discussed in the time allotted. To help facilitate those discussions I have requested and have been granted a NetForum for the department. A NetForum is like an enhanced listserv, because it tracks everyone's input and responses so that we don't have to. One person creates a topic and then others add to the topic. Everyone's comments are maintained and are available for review. See the following link for additional information:

Each of you should be able to create topics and add to the discussion. The URL for our NetForum is:

Click on the help button on that page if you need help.

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