FLTC Instructor Support Pages

Oral Testing in LAU216


Pretest Steps

  1. Restart the computer (CTRL + ALT + DEL, Shutdown, Shutdown & Restart)
  2. Power off the console, wait 15 seconds, power on the console
  3. Login using your social username/password
  4. Create any necessary folders for saving the test files (My Computer > T drive > Classnet > Student Files > YourUserName >; click on FILE and NEW and FOLDER
  5. Start Tandberg ICM

Test Steps

  1. Choose the Programme Source of your test (teacher, cassette, media file; if a media file, browse to the file and open using the Tandberg ICM system)
  2. Remind the students to speak up as they take the test
  3. Students prepare Divace to record by doing the following:
    • Put on their headphones in order to listen to your instructions and make sure that everything is functioning
    • Start Divace Duo (Icon on the desktop), if it is not already running
    • Click on the letter "C" of Divace
    • Choose NEW and DON'T SAVE CHANGES (if prompted)
  4. Instructor starts the test (and the Divace Recorders to recording) by doing the following:
    • Click on TRANSFER to "transfer" the test source to the student stations
    • Start speaking if the TEACHER is the source, media files will play automatically
    • Click on the TRANSFER button to stop the test recording
Save Files to CD image

Post-test Steps

A. Students save their recording as an MP3 file by doing the following

  1. Click on the letter "C" of Divace
  2. Choose SAVE AS TYPE ...
  3. Open up the __________ folder and the _________ folder (tell the students where to save the files)
  4. Choose "Compressed Audio File (*.MP3)" as the file format
  5. Enter "YourLastNameFirstInitial-1" as the file name (JonesB-1; write it on the white board)
  6. Click on the SAVE button

B. Once students have saved their files, the instructor saves the files to CD by selecting files to be burned to CD, right-clicking on the files and choosing "burn to CD", etc. Follow the steps below:

    1. Open the folder where the files were saved
    2. Put a blank CD-R into the CD drive
    3. Click on CANCEL if a "Which action to take" window pops up
    4. Type CTRL+A to select all the files to be copied
    5. Right-click on the selected files and choose SEND TO ...
    6. Choose "CD Drive (E:)"
    7. Click on the balloon that pops up in the lower right of the desktop, and says "You have files to write to the CD"
    8. On the left side of the window that pops up, under "CD writing tasks" choose "Write these files to CD"
    9. Enter a name for your CD click NEXT
    10. If prompted, save as data files and not as an Audio CD
    11. After the files are written and the CD pops out, click on FINISH
    12. Label the CD-R with a Sharpie marker


  1. Return to the Tandberg ICM
  2. Click on the Shutdown Icon Shut Down Icon
  3. Choose "Restart" and don't allow the saving of work
  4. Close the Tandberg ICM program
  5. Click on START and LOGOFF