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HA 302A (IT Storage area)

Equipment now available in HA302A

  • 4 VCR/DVD/TV carts
  • 1 CD player
  • 1 cassette player
  • 2 portable overhead projectors
  • 1 portable document camera

Sign out/Reserve the equipment using the sheets in HA302A, found on the clipboard hanging on the wall. You can print out new check-out forms as needed.

Warning: The floor area where we enter the room is sloped. In order to prevent the carts from tilting, move the carts in the following way:

  • When checking out the cart, push it down the ramp instead of pulling it down.
  • When returning the cart, pull the cart up the ramp rather than pushing it.
  • Before checking out the cart, make sure that no one has unstrapped the TV from the cart. If it is unstrapped, strap it back on, or let me know and I will take care of it.
  • Please do not transport the cart with the TV unstrapped. If you unstrap the TV, you must restrap it before moving it.

Contact Faye Walker or Scott Despain if you do not know the code to the keypad

Last modified: 17 August, 2009

Comments to: despain@ncsu.edu