Carolyn W. Pumphrey

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Teaching Assistant Professor


Carolyn Pumphrey (B.A. in Literature and History, University of York, England, M.A. and Ph.D. History, Duke University) is Associate Director of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies and Teaching Assistant Professor of History at North Carolina State University. Her M.A. focused on Renaissance intellectual history, and her doctorate on early medieval French social and religious history. She has taught courses ranging from Ancient War and Peace to the French Revolution, many of them while working at  Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama.  At NCSU she has taught Ancient, Medieval, and Early Medieval history. She has a lively interest in issues relating to war and peace, and has edited five books on security related topics, most recently, The Energy and Security Nexus: A Strategic Dilemma (Strategic Studies Institute, December 2012). Global Climate Change: National Security Implications (Strategic Studies Institute, May 2008).  Born in the United States, she lived for many years in the UK and Europe (Switzerland and France), but she now considers North Carolina home.