Dr Charles R. Tittle

Named Distinguished Professor

Picture of Dr Charles R. Tittle

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Sociology of Crime and Deviance
  • Sociological Theory
  • Urban Sociology


  • “Reinforcement, Learning, and Criminal Probability.” Social Forces (in press) [With Olena Antonaccio and Ekaterina Botchkovar].
  •  “Strain, Socio-Economic Status, and Modes of Coping.” (with Ekaterina Bochkovar and Olena Antonaccio). Journal of Quantitative Criminology [in press]
  •  “Reinforcement and Social Learning.”  Sociological Spectrum 32 (2012): 157-177. [With Jon Brauer]. 
  •  “Childhood Experiences and Self-Control.” Deviant Behavior 33 (2012): 375-392. [with Jonathan R. Brauer, Olena Antonaccio, and Zaki Islam]
  • “Why Do Some Places Display More Criminality than Other Places? A Comparison of Major Cities in Greece, Russia, and Ukraine.”  Poiniki Dikaiosini: Eglkimatologia 2012: 49-60 [with Olena Antoaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar, and Maria Kranidioti]
  •  “Self-Control and the Management of Violence.” Pp. 91-119 in Control of Violence: Historical and International Perspectives on Violence in Modern Societies, edited by Wilhelm Heitmeyer,  Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, Andrea Kirschner, and Stefan Malthaner. Springer: New York, 2011.
  •  “Attracted to Crime: Exploration of Criminal Motivation Among Respondents in Three European Cities.”  Criminal Justice and Behavior 38 (2011): 1200-1221.  [with Olena Antonaccio and Ekaterina Botchkovar]
  •  “Criminal Contemplation, National Context, and Deterrence.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 27 (2011): 225-249  (With Ekaterina V. Botchkovar and Olena Antonaccio)                                                    
  • “Control Balance Theory and Social Policy.” Pp. 6-24 in Criminology and Public Policy: Putting Theory to Work, edited by Hugh Barlow and Scott Decker. Temple University Press: Philadelphia, 2010.
  •  Expected Utility, Self-Control, Morality, and Criminal Probability.” Social Science Research  39 (2010): 1029-1046  [With Olena Antonaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar,and Maria Krandioti].
  • “Morality, Self-Control, and Crime: A Replication Using Greek Respondents.” (In Greek)  Criminal Justice, Nomiki Bibliothiki 12: Spring, 2010. [With Olena Antonaccio and Maria Kranidioti].
  •  “The Correlates of Crime and Deviance: Additional Evidence.” Journal of  Research in Crime and Delinquency 47 (2010): 297-328.  [With Olena Antonaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar, and Maria Kranidioti].
  •  “Socio-Demographic Homogenizing Trends in Fixed-Boundary Spatial Areas within the United States.” Social Science  Research 39 (2009): 324-340.   [With Thomas Rotolo]
  •  “General Strain Theory: Additional Evidence Using Cross-National Data.” Criminology, 47 (2009): 131-172. [With Ekaterina Botchovar and Olena Antonaccio]
  •  “Is a General Theory of Socially Disapproved Violence Possible (or Necessary)?  International Journal of Conflict and Violence 3 (2009): 60-74.
  •  "Strain, Crime, and Interactions.” Justice Quarterly 25 (2008): 283-312. [With Lisa M. Broidy and Marc C. Gertz].
  •  “Delineating the Scope of Reintegrative Shaming Theory: An Explanation of Contingencies using Russian Data.” Social Science Research 37 (2008): 703-720. [With Ekaterina Botchkovar].
  •  “Morality, Self-Control and Crime.” Criminology 46 (2008):479-510. [With Olena Antonaccio].
  • “Social Integration, Self-Control, and Conformity.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 24 (2008): 73-92. [With Michael R. Welch, Nicole Meidinger, Jennfer Yonkoski, and Harold G. Grasmick].
  •  “Self-Control, Political Ideology and Misbehavior: Unpacking the Effects of Conservative Identity.” Sociological Spectrum 28 (2008): 4-35. [With Michael R. Welch  and Harold G. Grasmick].
  • “Fads and Foibles in the Dissemination of Criminological Work.” Statement in the February, 2008, issue of the Criminologist.                     


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Texas, Austin, 1965
  • M.A. in Sociology from University of Texas, Austin, 1963
  • B.A. in History from Ouachita Baptist College, 1961