Dr Cheryl J Block

Teaching Assistant Professor

Picture of Dr Cheryl J Block

Teaching and Research Interests


I have two primary interests in teaching: content-based classes and literature. The university as part of the larger community is what led to my desire to work with the first. I designed two Spanish classes: Spanish for Health Professions and Spanish for Social Work as a result. My colleague, Ana Gray, and I converted the Spanish for Health Professions course to an on-line course in 2013.

Regarding my interest in literature, my specialization in the doctoral program was Jewish Literature in Medieval Spain. This is an area that continues to fascinate me.



I am currently working on an article on the importance and the background of content-based Spanish courses.




El Mundo Hispano y la Salud. Block, Chery, Gray, Ana, Willoughby, Patricia. NCSU Campus Enterprises. 2013.


Other publications are poetry in English, Spanish and French.



"An Invitation to Medical Spanish", FLANC Conference, Winston Salem, N.C. October 2014