Dr Chelsey Ann Juarez

Picture of Dr Chelsey Ann Juarez

Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

Isotopes, Forensic anthropology, skeletal biology, paleopathology,Human Rights, Immigration,  Mexico, Latino Diaspora, 


Isotopic analysis of birthplace and migration: area focus Mexico.


The Evolution of Diabetes in Latino populations: Investigations of osteocalcin and bone density changes in archaeological bone as an indicator of diabetes prevalence.


Ancestry and skeletal variation in Prehistoric Northern California Native populations: Project is currently being conducted at the Phoebe Hearst Museum at University of California Berkeley


Perimortem blunt force trauma and burning in human skeletal materials


Intra-tooth variability in isotope studies


“Hispanic” Ancestry and FORDISC: Investigates the craniometrics of traditional “Hispanic” populations                                                       

Immigration Policy and Border Death: Investigating how forensic anthropology can inform border policy     


Hughes, C., Juarez, C.,  Hughes, T., Galloway, A., Fowler, G., Chacon, S.

2011. A Simulation for Exploring the Effects of the "Trait List" Method's Subjectivity on Consistency and Accuracy of Ancestry Estimations. Journal of Forensic Sciences Manuscript ID JOFS-10-193. Accepted January 2011.


Hughes C., Juarez C. Zephro, L., Fowler, G., Chacon, S.

2010. Past or Present? Differentiating California Prehistoric Native American remains from Forensic Cases: An Empirical Approach. Journal of Osteoarchaeology doi: 22 JUL 2010, DOI: 10.1002/oa.1192.


Aggarwal, J., Habicht-Mauche, J., Juarez, C.

2008. Applications of Heavy Isotopes in Forensic Isotope Geochemistry: a review. Applied                   

Geochemistry doi: 10.1016/j/apgeochem.2008.05.016.   


Juarez, C.

2008. Strontium and Geolocation: The Pathway to Identification for Deceased Mexican                        

Border Crossers. Journal of Forensic Sciences 53(1):46-49.



  • Ph.D in Physical Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz , 2011
  • M.A. in Physical Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz , 2005
  • B.A in Anthropology and Women studies from UC Berkeley , 2001