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 G. David Garson is full professor in the Department of Public Administration, School of Public and International Affairs, North Carolina State University, where he teaches courses on advanced research methodology, geographic information systems, and American government. He is editor of the Social Science Computer Review, which he founded in 1982, and is on the editorial board of four other  journals. Currently he also serves as president of Statistical Associates Publishers ( and is author of over four dozen of its digital monographs and books on advanced statistical topics, peer reviewed, listed with ISBN numbers in Books in Print, distributed through Amazon/Kindle. In 2012, Statistical Associates  replaced his “Statnotes” website, used by over a million people a year. Prof. Garson  is author of Case Study Analysis & QCA (2016), Validity and Reliability (2016), Logistic Regression (2016), Survey Research and Sampling (2016), Explaining Human Behavior: Social & Organizational Theories (2015), GLM Multivariate, MANOVA, & Canonical Correlation (2015); Missing Values Analysis & Data Imputation (2015),  Structural Equation Modeling (2015), Multiple Regression (2014), Cluster Analysis (2014), Path Analysis (2014), Partial Least Squares: Structural Equation and Regression Models (2014), Neural Network Models (2014), editor of and contributor to Hierarchical Linear Modeling: Guide and Applications (2013), coauthor of Public Information Management and E-Government: Policy and Issues (2013); and  Bush Information Policy (2008), Modern Public Information Technology Systems (2007), and author of Public Information Technology and E-Governance: Managing the Virtual State (2006), and is author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of over two dozen other books and author or coauthor of over 50 articles. Professor Garson received his undergraduate degree in political science from Princeton University (1965) and his doctoral degree in government from Harvard University (1969).


G. David Garson
Professor of Public Administration
School of Public and International Affairs
North Carolina State University Box 8102
Raleigh, NC 27695-8102
Tel. 919-616-2273

Teaching and Research Interests

Primary: Multivariate analysis
Secondary: Qualitative research
Tertiary: GIS

Office hours by appointment: call 919-616-2273 (evenings and weekends ok)

Syllabi available at these course websites:
PA 765-766:
PA 803:


Earlier in my career I published over two dozen books and anthologies and four dozen articles, including in my former specialization, information management, but for the last several years I have concentrated on multivariate analysis and qualitative analysis, with titles ranging from monographs to full book length, which are some 50 in number. See


  • Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University, 1969